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Information インフォメーション

2021.05 06

Why is VCI paper more effective than VCI film in view of anti-corrosion performance?

As mentioned, VCI film is made by kneading anti-corrosion chemicals into the plastic film. However, in order for the plastic film to form successfully, only a maximum of 2% of the anti-corrosion chemicals can be mixed. In other words only 2g/m2 of the chemicals can be blended for a general VCI film with 100μ (92g/m2) in thickness. In the case of VCI paper, about 10g/m2 of VCI chemical are usually impregnated and coated to the paper. 

In addition, only special high heat resistance VCI chemical can only be used when making VCI film, as the process of making plastic film involves very high temperature (about 180℃). For the case of VCI paper, normal VCI chemicals are used as the process of making VCI paper does not involve high temperature. 

For that reason, Special heat resistance VCI chemical (that are being used in VCI Film process) does not vaporize easily at room temperature
(10℃ ~ 30℃) while the normal VCI chemical employed in the VCI paper process does, which justify the difference of the anti-corrosion effects. 

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