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Information インフォメーション

Information インフォメーション

2021.05 06

What is the difference between “Red” “adpack®” G / White & Blue “adpack®-S”?

Both are able to be used on Iron & Steel. However, do note the followings: 

“Red” “adpack®-G” & “adpack® White” are designed especially for Iron & Steel products. Hence, these are highly effective in protecting products made from Iron & Steel materials. However, do not use this on copper, copper alloy and zinc-plated metals which will have negative effect 

“Blue” “adpack®-S” can be used for Iron & Steel products as well as non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, bronze, tin phosphorus. This VCI paper is highly recommended for protecting galvanized, chrome plating, nickel plating products as well. They also do not cause discoloration when come into contact with plastics materials. In short, “Blue” “adpack®-S” are for general usage 

Please refer to <Recommendable types for Various Metal Products> for more details. 

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