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Information インフォメーション

2021.05 06

What is the difference between oiled paper and VCI paper?

 Oiled paper refers to paper being impregnated with oil. These were basically used for rust prevention in the past. Metal parts were then wrapped with this paper for rust prevention. However, these were rarely used as most people just apply the oil directly onto the metal piece. 

Difference between VCI paper and Oiled paper: 

Oiled paper: The oil on the “Oiled” paper sometimes does not come into contact with the metal parts that are being wrapped. Hence, rusting still occurs when this type of paper are used. 

VCI paper: Instead of oil, Volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) chemicals are coated / impregnated onto the paper. When these VCI evaporates into a gaseous state, it will be able to target every part of the metal that is being covered or wrapped. Hence, unlike “oiled” paper, VCI paper is not required to be in direct contact with the target metals. 

Due to this advantage, VCI paper is a preferred choice for rust prevention. 

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