What does “AGK-7(M)” and “AGP-7(M)” mean? - 気化性防錆紙(adpack)製造販売|アドコート株式会社
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Information インフォメーション

Information インフォメーション

2021.05 06

What does “AGK-7(M)” and “AGP-7(M)” mean?

“G” refers to impregnated type for iron & steel while “K” means Kraft paper. 

“P” means PE laminated type (Kraft paper with a layer of lamination) and 

“7” means the Weight of paper (75g). 

(M) Means “adpack®” logo is printed on the VCI paper. 

Kindly note that the NON-PRINTED side of the VCI paper (without logo), is the side treated with the VCI chemical. Hence, when using our VCI paper, ensure that the non-printed side (without logo) is facing the metal parts. 

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