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Information インフォメーション

Information インフォメーション

2021.05 06

Proper usage of VCI paper

There are two ways: 
(1) Wrapping the metal products 
(2) Sealing the VCI paper and the metal products into a sealed vessel. 

Wrap the metal parts with the VCI paper. Ensure that the Non-printed side is facing the metal piece. Ensure that there are no obstruction between the VCI paper and the metal piece when wrapping. Add an additional layer of plastic bag to increase the effectiveness. 

Put the VCI paper and the metal parts together into a plastic bag of in a tightly sealed container. Ensure that the distance between the VCI paper and the metal piece is as close as possible. (Not more than 30cm apart). Ensure that the non-printed side is facing the metal.
Kindly note that as VCI chemical travels and coat via gaseous state, portion of the metal parts that are not expose (example: metal parts that are closely contact with another metal parts or parts that are closely-contacted to the surface of plastic bag), the effectiveness of VCI paper cannot be expected on these surface.  

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