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  • [No.7/17] What differences are there in actual usability between VCI Paper vs. Rust preventive oil? (Part-2)

Column 技術屋の解説


[No.7/17] What differences are there in actual usability between VCI Paper vs. Rust preventive oil? (Part-2)

Please refer to Table 5 and understand that it is the more desirable for customers as far as the black mark is put in the more left side of the respective evaluation field in the same way as Table 3 and Table 4.

(A)  Awareness in the first category means how well the product is already known in the actual fields. VCI paper is a minor presence as it cannot hold a foot of rust preventive oil.
That is the reason why this column has been started. VCI paper should be more and more known and reconfirmed in actual usability by more customers.

(B) The freedom of use in the second line might be fairly entered from my subjective. 
VCI paper can be used in directly wrapping the target metal products as well as in putting into plastic bags etc. together with, while rust preventive oil is limited to the use of coating on the targets.

 In other words, VCI paper can be also used as the carrier of corrosion inhibitor (rust preventive agent). Customers can also expect freedom to use how much volume of VCI paper and to put down or put on top of the metal products etc. in the latter application.

(C) Basically, it is not necessary to use outer packing as far as VCI paper is employed for wrapping,
It is also possible to print the metal products name etc. on VCI paper.
On the other hands, it is necessary to use outer packing in order to prevent the oil from being polluted and also in order not to pollute the surrounding with the oil, in the case of using rust preventive oil. 

 (D) It is clear that VCI paper is the more desirable for the pollution in working environment in the last line. At the actual fields of using rust preventive oil, the working floors become slippery due to difficulty of perfectly removing the oil drip off from the metal products. The workers would be endangered under such circumstances.
On the other hands, it becomes easy to preserve the working environment by employing VCI paper, the field workers simply pick up the unnecessary piece if fallen so that the clean floor can be kept. In fact, there are so many examples to stop the use of rust preventive oil in the reason of workers’ safety.
When our follow-up is appreciated by such companies, which has switched to our VCI paper, our mind becomes rich by confirming our role to help the society even in research engineers.

                 Table 5 The feature comparisons of VCI Paper vs. Rust preventive oil

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