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Column 技術屋の解説


[No.13/17] Summary on the anticorrosive polymer film (Comparison with VCI paper)

 It is a comparison for corrosion inhibiting ability in (a)~(c).  As I have firstly explained the volatile corrosion inhibiting ability by the film is less than the paper, the performance difference is reduced between the film and the paper in view of the contact corrosion inhibiting ability. However, as shown in (c), I think the film performance is poor than the case with the paper. Because duration of the corrosion preventive effect, (which is required when the steel products have been packed and stored for the long periods), is relevant to what extent the corrosion inhibitor has been contained. The result is coming from the volume of the corrosion inhibitor contained in the film (which is much less than the paper).

With regard to the moisture-proof property (d), the film is clearly superior. On the other hands, the film does not have the ability (e) to adsorb the condensed water in the inside of packaging, but even in the paper has. Therefore, I emphasized in my previous column that it is necessary to pay attention to the humidity in the working fields for packaging.

Those quality in the(f)~(i) column is highly dedicating and dependent on the nature of the materials. The anticorrosive polymer film has transparency, heat-sealable property and nature of dust is unlikely to occur, which is the inherited nature of polyethylene resin used as the base of the film. But, difficulties will be pointed out in terms of packaging workability because of no waist.  Diametrically, VCI paper does not have transparency and heat-sealable property, because of the paper is made from cellulose. The paper has superior packaging workability because of its reasonable waist strength, but dust occurrence is unavoidable. 

 Those quality in the last (j)~(k) column is required when it is discarded. The anticorrosive polymer film is made by plastic only, but the VCI paper is complex of cellulose and plastic. The recycling looks better for the film because of this reason, but it is not easy as referred in my column No.11.  The fear of damaging incinerator is large when you want to burn the film, because the film is made from plastic only and the amount of generated heat is high.

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