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  • [No.11/17] Features in the quality of anticorrosive polymer film other than corrosion inhibiting ability

Column 技術屋の解説


[No.11/17] Features in the quality of anticorrosive polymer film other than corrosion inhibiting ability

In the last two times, I explained the corrosion inhibiting ability for steel in the case of using anticorrosive polymer film. Let me talk about the quality than the above this time

There are two representatives as a feature of anticorrosive polymer film, namely moisture resistance is high, and heat seal is easy. Further, the transparency can be also added in the case of kneaded type. For these features, you probably do not need to be explained again. 

However, the features are not only the above. A less dust generation is another feature.

It may be said that VCI paper cannot compete with this property. You may believe that it is impossible to be dust-free, because there is no chance to avoid the occurrence of paper dust in the case of VCI paper.  In contrast, inevitably anticorrosive  polymer film, which is made from plastics instead of pulp, should hardly dust. It is desired to develop products made use more where dust emission is small. 

There is another idea to list up as a feature that the recycling is easy, but it is not so simple. 

It may be said anticorrosive polymer film can be relatively easily recycled into plastic products because many film is basically made from polyethylene resin. But, it is unlikely to be used again in the manufacture of polyethylene film. It is reused in civil engineering for materials such as imitation trunks well seen in the parks and piles showing the boundaries of the land.  

The reasons used for civil engineering materials rather than the film are that slight volume of corrosive inhibitors are mixed as foreign material in anticorrosive polymer film and various auxiliary agents are used in the process to make the film though polyethylene resin. It must be removed as a foreign substance when recycling. 

Talk will turn to a side street, but I’m thinking that recycling to civil engineering materials is not a true meaning of recycling. 

These materials for civil engineering shall be discarded when finishing their roles. And it is impossible to return them to plastic again. It is too large burden for the incinerator to burn them. After all, the civil engineering materials are to be reclaimed, but they do not return themselves to the soil by decomposing in nature because being made from resin. It may be said that it is real recycling when recycling techniques are established such as the plastic can be reborn to the original film. 

Let’s back to the original story.   

In anticorrosive polymer film, flexibility is obtained, because polyethylene resin is used as the base material. It is also possible to develop applications by taking advantage of this flexibility. In recent years, stretch type anticorrosive polymer film has also been developed. The flexibility, such as in the stretch type, is not required in the application of spiral wrapping for slit coil and wire rod.   

VCI paper used in this application is using the crepe paper as the substrate, but the reason is due to the insufficient fitness with slit coil in the case of using flat paper.  There may be enough room for anticorrosive polymer film, which has excellent fitness, to enter into these applications.

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