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Column 技術屋の解説

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  • 技術屋の解説
  • 「No.1」What point is different between “Impregnated type” and “Coated type” of the VCI treated paper?

Column 技術屋の解説


「No.1」What point is different between “Impregnated type” and “Coated type” of the VCI treated paper?

VCI treated paper is a composed material for packing, with ‘ paper ‘ and ‘ volatile corrosion inhibitor ‘. The paper is generally used for brown color envelope. Because it is the paper as it looks, it can be cut easily with a cutter knife and scissors.

 Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor is sometimes referred to as the “rust inhibitor” simply. It is generally made up with several chemicals, and the type of chemicals that are gradually vaporized (gasification) are used. However, when it is merely called ‘ rust inhibitor ‘, it may mean the rust inhibitor which does not vaporize at all.

-Impregnated type (the type containing the VCI in the paper)

Our products are named [adpack®G“] [adpack®S“] [adpack®C“] [adpack®ZV”].

The volatile corrosion inhibitor solution is soaked in the kraft paper, and then the solvent only is removed to make the state that contains the VCI in the paper.

-Coated type (The VCI and glue (paste) is coated on the paper surface)

This is the adpack® White” in our products line.

The VCI and glue with water is coated on the paper, and then only water is removed, as a result, the two-layer structure is made of “paper” and “VCI + glue”.

Let us briefly explain the VCI treated paper, using typical DICHAN [Dicyclohexyl ammonium nitrite, CAS No. 3129-91-7] as a volatile corrosion inhibitor.

 DICHAN has been used for decades, but it is hard to dissolve it into water. It is not easy to apply DICHAN as the “impregnated type” abovementioned. Because it dissolves only about 0.1 g * to one liter of water. Therefore, the DICHAN can be uniformly applied to the paper by dispersing the DICHAN in water, in conjunction with the glue. Examples of “dispersing agents are close to “paint” and “toothpaste (tube type)” etc.

 The adpack® White” VCI treated paper in our products line is using this DICHAN.

* Workplace Safety site: Chemical substance: GHS Model SDS Information 

Principle of corrosion (rusting-the oxidation-reduction reaction) will be explained in No.3.



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