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Company Company Profile

ADCOAT CO., LTD. manufactures and sells for “adpack” VCI paper that has been used by major steel companies, automobile companies,
blade companies, etc. for more than 50 years. This page provides information about our company and downloaded documents.

Management Philosophy

“Sanpoyoshi”, the old management philosophy, has been carried out by Japanese merchants, especially in Shiga Prefecture, Central Japan.
as our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sanpoyoshi Our Corporate Philosophy.


ADCOAT CO., LTD. was started and established in 1968 at Higashi-Osaka City, famous for “Monozukuri” (Products Manufacturing).
VCI* paper (anti-corrosion paper) produced by our company, has been widely applied among the major steel mills, car manufacturers and blade producers etc. since 50 years ago.

However, the visibility with the public is very low, because our products have been mainly used as their export packaging.
The climate at high temperature & high humidity in Asia including Japan causes big trouble in the form of rusting.
We do hope “adpack”, VCI* paper (anti-corrosion paper) can be easily helpful to protect from rusting for everybody.
Many rules and regulations have been issued like REACH and RoHS etc. for various chemicals.

ADCOAT shall try our best to cope with the rules of chemicals.
Thank you very much for visiting our homepages today. * VCI = Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor.

(Mr)- PresidentGoto MotoshiGoto Motoshi (Mr)- President

Company Profile

Company ADCOAT CO., LTD. (English) 爱德可达株式会社 (中文)
Head office
[Over sea dept]
1-2-20, Hikari-dai, Seika-Cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, 619-0237 Japan
TEL : +81-774-66-1911   FAX : +81-774-94-9027
President Goto Motoshi
Paid-up capital 40,000,000 in Japanese yen
Main Bank Osaka city shinkin bank, Kyoto bank, Risona bank
Staff’s lisence Corrosion control Engineer 16 persons (2021)
[Coating Machine] Max 2,200mm 1Unit
Max 1,250mm 1Unit
[Finishing Machine] Max 2,400mm 1Unit
Max 3,000mm 1Unit
[Slitting Machine for Paper Bobbin] Max 1,300mm 1Unit
[Cutter for Flat Sheet] Max 2,200mm × Max Length 6,000mm 1Unit
[Rotary Cutter] Max 1,250mm 1Unit
[Paper cutting machine] Max 1,370mm 1Unit
Main customers Nippon Steel Corporation, JFE Steel Corporation, Kobe Steel, Ltd.,
Daido Steel Co., Ltd, Toyota Motor Corporation,
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Daihatsu Motor co., Ltd,
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Aisin Seiki Co.,Ltd.,
Organ Needle Co., Ltd, Feather Safety Razor Co., Ltd., Kai Corporation,
NT Co.,Ltd, Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited, NSK Ltd,
Amada co., Ltd., OLFA Corporation, The other 5,000 companies
Oversea agent: (China, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia,India, etc.)
Main suppliers Kounam Laminate Co., Ltd., Asahi shiko Co., Ltd.,
Mori shigyo Co., Ltd., Cosmo Co., Ltd.,
Fuji-impex Corporation, Tosen Co., Ltd,
Japan Pulp and Paper Company Limited,
Kajiheikiko Co., Ltd., Sanki Shigyo Co,. Ltd, etc.
(in no order or omission)


1968 Established ADCOAT Co., Ltd. 1-25-14 Hishie, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture with capital of 2.5 million yen
As a cooperating factory of the VCI Paper Division of Nippon Kakoh Seishi Co., Ltd., Start manufacturing processing.
1971 Start Hishime thread-filled paper, Tarpaulin paper Manuacturing
1995 Increased capital to 10 million yen
Started manufacturing and processing of recycled moisture-proof paper
2000 Acquired Japanese trade mark right
2002 Start sales adpack
Nippon Kakoh Seishi discontinued the production of VCI paper due to various reasons. Continuing the business of manufacturing and processing VCI paper based on our own achievements.
Started manufacturing and sales of volatile corrosion paper “adpack”.
2003 Acquired Japanese trade mark right
2005 Obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification (certification body: JICQA)
2008 ISO9001: Certification renewal to 2008 version (JICQA)
2009 Increased capital to 40 million yen
2010 Received the Higashi Osaka City Excellent Company Award
2011 Acquired Indian trademark right
Excellent manufacturing company in Osaka
2012 Acquired Chinese trademark right
2013 ISO9001 body change (MIC)
2015 Moved the new Head office and Factory to Seika-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto
2017 ISO9001: Certification renewal to 2015 version (Intertek)
2020 Vietnam trademark acquisition


Head office and Factory1-2-20, Hikari-dai, Seika-Cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto, 619-0237 Japan TEL : +81-774-66-1911   FAX : +81-774-94-9027


  • adpack English catalogue

    Shows the entire adpack product lineup A4x12 pages

    PDF Download
  • Understand VCI paper in 10 min

    Explains from the corrosion mechanism to the corrosion prevention method. 19 slides

    PDF Download
  • English Technical guide

    Explains in detail how to use anti-corrosion paper and precautions. A4x20 pages

    PDF Download
  • Compare VCI paper vs anti rust oil vs VCI film

    Shows Comparing table the characteristics of adpack and each corrosion preventive material A4x1 page

    PDF Download
  • Recommend type for Various Metal product

    Explains which adpack should be selected according to the target metal

    PDF Download
  • Plastic and rubber test with VCI paper

    Shows the effect of adpack on resin and rubber A4x1 page

    PDF Download
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Shows Frequently Asked Questions A4x20 pages

    PDF Download
  • Company profile

    Shows our company profile A4x3 pages

    PDF Download

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